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Let’s take a break from Sandy… just a minute to remember that Free to Be You and Me celebrates its 40th Anniversary this fall… to recall just how effing great this whole album is… 

Before Obama was like, “Hope!” Marlo Thomas and Alan Alda and Roberta Flack and Mel Brooks and Rosey Grier and Tom Smothers were like, “And I say it ain’t far to this land from where we are…”

My favorite power people were in the Rock yesterday creating solar-powered charging stations for cell phones. From Voltaic:

In the neighborhood by Occupy’s 113th Street location, we went into a number of apartments and installed the panels facing South out the window. The system we devised was placing industrial double sided tape on the back of the panel and sticking the panel on the outside of the window. While not perfect, it was simple and quick. Placing the panel outside the window will probably generate 2-4 times as much power as if the panel was inside (the windows are often dirty, there are screens, line of site to sun issues). We got a lot of hugs as people were able to charge their phones and begin communicating again. 

Read more about the team’s day here