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Jersey Cares is a state-wide non-profit that recruits and engages volunteers in rewarding, effective efforts that address community-identified needs.  Following Hurricane Sandy, thousands of people have registered with Jersey Cares, offering to help their neighbors recover from the devastation.  Our $30,000 relief grant will provide additional staffing and other operational funding, allowing Jersey Cares to effectively deploy thousands of people across the state to help affected areas rebuild and recover.


Disaster doesn’t know zipcodes or boundary lines, and for the first time ever, Robin Hood is extending much-needed assistance to New Jersey organizations that need it most. Robin Hood is proud to announce $5.2 million in new grants from the Robin Hood Relief Fund, including $1.5 million in grants for New Jersey organizations helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Additionally, Robin Hood made a grant of $2 million to New York City’s “Non-Profit Recovery Loan Program,” which will provide interest-free loans to NYC non-profits impacted by Hurricane Sandy. 

Since the storm, Robin Hood has made grants to more than 90 different non-profit organizations in the hardest hit regions.

First Chris Christie yelled at the mayor of Atlantic City for not taking Hurricane Sandy seriously. 

Then he saved Halloween from the storm

Then he and Obama marched through New Jersey, leaving behind a trail of comfort and embraces. He pissed off Mitt Romney and Rupert Murdoch. He wore fleece. 

Now his approval ratings are soaring, up to 77% in some polls. From the Philadelphia Inquirer

"Not only are the Republican governor’s approval ratings soaring - 65 percent in one poll, 77 percent in a second poll released Wednesday - but two-thirds of registered Republicans who responded to a survey said Christie’s work with Obama was right on. Both polls found that more than 90 percent of respondents approved of the governor’s handling of Hurricane Sandy.

"Gov. Christie has emerged as a clear leader in this crisis, with New Jerseyans applauding his efforts, and in particular his literal and figurative embrace of President Obama in a time of need," said David Redlawsk, director of the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll and a professor of political science at Rutgers University. "Despite a recent New York Times story that some national GOP leaders are condemning the governor for his show of bipartisanship, New Jerseyans of all stripes say it was exactly the right thing to do."