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Something symbolic to me is this picture. It is of my baby book, my sisters baby book, and the photo album from my moms baby shower. These were in the basement. I know for a fact that my mom would NEVER put these things in the basement. These are memories that we can never relive. I have never seen my baby book before that day, and now it’s ruined. It makes me sad, because these meant to much to my mom and it took her so long to put the information in them. She only got up to about when I was 3 or 4 years old, after that, the books went missing. My aunt put them in the basement, along with other valuable memories. Now, they are all destroyed, never to be seen again. Sandy took away precious memories, things that we can never get back. 

It’s crass to see people selling things to profit off of other peoples misery. Some people have lost everything and they don’t want to see t-shirts that remind them of what happened. Who wants to be reminded of the day when you lost your home and members of your family? I know I wouldn’t. Whenever there is a tragedy, there are always the few people who will try to make a buck off of the suffering of others. I think that is just wrong and rude.  

-Ashley Zeyer