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This guy volunteered at 192 Ebbitts in Staten Island, and he’s maybe sort of wondering if perhaps it would’ve been a good idea to say, hey, maybe I sorta might like you. 

So if you’re that lucky woman, the object of this man’s maybe affection, reach out!!

Sorting clothes, m4w

"You can’t flirt with someone while you’re volunteering in disaster relief, right? That’s just off. Now, I wish I did it anyway, though.

"I’m pretty sure you didn’t have a nametag on. And I wouldn’t put your name on the internet; that’s also kind of weird. But maybe tomorrow I’ll wish I did it, anyway."

Team Rubicon Matt wanted to know if skinny jeans work on a guy…

From Craigslist

You were working the breakfast shift, distributing coffee. I watched as you went from person to person, filling up their cups, putting smiles on their faces, receiving their stories. You had the kindest eyes. I wasn’t sure if you noticed me, but all I could notice was you. I saw you leave, but then return shortly with a blanket in hand, heading my way. You kneeled down next to me, and draped the blanket around my shoulders. You didn’t say anything as you proceeded to fill my cup, but smiled that smile. Of all the stories being told, I only wanted to know yours… 

You: Beat up leather boots, hoodie under a padded vest, amazing skinny jeans that were darted on the knees and a red leather patch on the back. 

Me: Also beat up leather boots, black skinny jeans, a t-shirt with cats on it, and the blanket you wrapped around me.

Are you out there? Are you reading this? My power is still out and I need more coffee… please come to me. 


Rockaway, November 3rd.

Neighbor 1, to 666 Burger crew: “Thank you for bringing warm food and beautiful women to the neighborhood!”

Neighbor 2, to Neighbor 1: “Don’t try to take any of these girls home.”

Neighbor 1: “I can’t. I don’t have a home to take ‘em to.”