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With so many Sandy benefits, dinners, fundraisers, shows, and drink events, I’m putting them all here. It’s hard to not find a way to support the relief effort. Have fun!!

November 28, 2012

1. Talk to your boss about a day off

Holiday time… Office parties and social parties and family parties and friend parties. Shopping and other holiday prep. Eating too much and being a glutton. Not much work is happening at the office. It’s the perfect time for you and your coworkers to take a day during the week to volunteer. The number of volunteers drops precipitously Monday through Thursday, and volunteers are still desperately needed to help with mold remediation, clean up, demolition/construction, distribution of heaters, and distribution of information on legal aid/small business resources.

It’s just one day. Maybe the boss will okay it. Maybe the boss will want to come, too! Bring your own lunch. Fan out in teams of 10 and head to Coney Island or the Rockaways or Staten Island or Sheepshead Bay. You’ll be so happy you did. 

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This evening, Brooklyn Based and Work it Brooklyn are hosting The Kitchen Is Flooded & Other Disasters, a night of tales from professional chefs that benefits Sandy relief, natch.

Chefs and storytellers include Allison Robicelli, creator of the Bay Ridge Cares Kitchen, Jami Attenberg, author of the novel, The Middlesteins, and Paulie Gee. 

Frites ‘n’ Meats will provide food (support them! Their food trucks provided hot food after the storm…), as will the ABCD’s of Cooking, DreamScoops, and Anarchy in a Jar

Raffle prizes include gift cards to amazing Brooklyn restaurants (think Seersucker, Frankies, and TALDE), two passes to next year’s Choice Eats, paté from Brooklyn Cured, and a gift set of kimchi jars from Arirang Kimchi

Ticket and raffle money will go to ReStore Red Hook, which is helping small business owners. Food vendors are donating 10% of sales to ReStore Red Hook. And Brooklyn Brewery is giving everyone a free beer. 

Tickets are $15 and include a free beer and one raffle ticket (you can purchase additional $3 raffle tickets at the event). You can also select “Donate More!” to support ReStore Red Hook even further.


Work It Brooklyn and Brooklyn Based Present:
The Kitchen is Flooded & Other Disasters
Chefs Storytelling and Food Professionals Networking in Support of Red Hook Businesses

Tuesday, November 27
7:30 – 9:30pm
Brooklyn Brewery
79 North 11th St.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211
Tickets at

November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving is here and it’s amazing to me how hard people are working to make it a day of gratitude - and delicious turkey - for everyone in New York City. 

This week I posted a list of Thanksgiving-related volunteer opportunities,  but there’s still much to be done if you and your family want to spend some of the day helping other people. 

1. Occupy Sandy needs drivers to run meals to distribution sites. They also need hotel pans, tents, and other supplies . Check out their site for more information.

2. An Occupy Sandy guy named Fab says he wants live music for a Thanksgiving block party he’s organizing today in Sheepshead Bay at the corner of Emmons and Brown. Due to the lack of power, you gotta be an acoustic act that can get loud, but Sheepshead Bay needs some love. If you want to play or help in the neighborhood, contact Fab at 575-779-5899

3. It them a long time (LONG time) but the Red Cross is here and doing their part. In some places they’re absent and in some places - like Sheepshead Bay and Coney Island - they’ve been the primary force serving hot meals. They’re hosting a three-day people-feeding event (which they call a “bulk distribution event” for that feedlot feel…) starting today; and they need volunteers. You can sign up here

4. Today, Coney Recovers needs volunteers to help distribute Thanksgiving meals to thousands of residents. Please RSVP here to volunteer. (via Bill DiBlasio)

5. The Imperial Room (located Inwood, NY on the Queens/Long Island border) will be hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner for their neighbors in the Rockaways. Volunteers are needed to help set-up and serve dinner. Please RSVP here to volunteer. (via Bill DiBlasio)

6. Post a message of support to first responders who helped people survive the storm. The Public Advocate’s office put together a site where you can post messages of support and gratitude. It’s very touching so only read all the messages if you want to get all verklempt. (If you have a heart of stone then this won’t be a problem.) Wouldn’t it be a lovely Thanksgiving day activity to sit with the kids and write a nice note to the total badasses who saved this city? Some suggestions… the National Guard, the volunteers who came ‘round with cupcakes, your neighbors who worked at the Park Slope Armory, the Occupy Sandy guy who put you in a car to the Rockaways, THE SANITATION DEPARTMENT WORKERS WHO ARE GETTING NO CREDIT BUT WHO HAVE BEEN THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE EVER, Johnny Bravo for offering Red Bull and succor to the masses. 

Am at the bay ridge cares kitchen today doing what I’m told. My overlords are Allison Robicelli and Lawrence Daggett, cooks who figure out how to make actually tasty and nourishing meals each day from whatever ingredients fall in their lap. Oh yeah, and then they feed hundreds of people. Like 800.
It’s one part Iron Chef, one part catering gig,and one part mutual aid society. They’re doing such a great job that Food52 (Amanda Hesser project) and Whole Foods have donated to the cause!
Today’s challenge: Thanksgiving dinner for Coney Island, Brighton Beach, and Sheepshead Bay.

Eater has a list/map of at least 40 restaurants that are still sidelined by the hurricane. 

The list includes Red Hook favorites The Good Fork and Fort Defiance, as well as Lucky Strike, Acqua and Almondine. 

1. The Thanksgiving fly around

So much to do before the holiday… buying food, booking tickets, renting cars, peeling all that damn squash. And sharing the holiday with your fellow New Yorkers. Here are a few opportunities that some of you may be able to work into this hectic week.

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1. Fall food crawl (via Food to Eat)

FoodtoEat is hosting a Sandy benefit crawl today from 12-4pm to get people to restaurants that need your business. Tickets can be purchased online or at a Evelyn Drinkery: 171 Ave C.

Sales go to a donation pot that will be split between participating venues and used for their recovery efforts.

"Food Crawlers" receive a map of the participating venues after they buy a ticket, and from 3-4pm everyone meets at Kafana for an "after party" including entertainment and a raffle. 

Buy your ticket online here.

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Excellent food site Eater surveys how some of the city’s neighborhoods and restaurants are faring after the storm.

"Even for restaurants that have been able to reopen, any sense of normalcy is still a ways off. While it’s impossible to tell every story at any given time, here’s a look around the city to see how the restaurant industry is doing a couple of weeks after the storm."

Check out the whole story here.

As you’ve probably heard, no one wants clothes anymore. Staten Island is covered in piles of donated clothes rotting by the side of the road like mini hills of poly-cotton blend castoffs. So head on over to Buffalo Exchange with that sequined halter top.

Right now the most desperately needed items reflect the fact that people are starting to rebuild their homes. FEMA has done rounds in many hard hit areas, and some people now have generators. They can do things like heat water and wash themselves. It’s like they get to live in the developed world along with the rest of us.And people still want hot, nutritious meals. Living in lightless, cold, dangerous public housing does not diminish one’s appetite for things like dignity and food that tastes good. It’s not what we’ve been taught to believe, but it’s true!

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“We the people, feed the people” just met some volunteers from Detroit & Chi town. #support & #volunteer #hurricanesandy #aftermath #nyc

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Eric, a comms director at TimeWarner Cable, asked me to post a little something about the company’s efforts to help out the folks in hard hit areas like Staten Island and the Rockaways. Good stuff. Follow @TWCable_NYC on Twitter right now!!

Here’s what Eric had to say:

To help NYC’s recovery efforts, Time Warner Cable has mobile device charging & WiFi stations, as well as food trucks serving free warm food, to affected residents and volunteers.

As most of these people are without power, but are utilizing Twitter to look for recovery updated & places for help and food, etc, we are relying on this social media platform to provide locations & updates of our charging stations & food trucks. Our Twitter handle (@TWCable_NYC) is providing real-time updates on locations for these stations & food trucks.

Bobby Hansen, I love you so f*%king much!!!
Sidra’s update from Staten Island:
Bobby rode his motorcycle over early Tuesday morning amid the floodwaters. He set up a relief center. He and his biker friends - the Hallowed Sons Motorcycle Club - have been sleeping in tents and caring for residents.
They’ve sent volunteers door to door to find out what people need, provided hot food, and handed out cleaning supplies.
Their main needs now: someone who can help coordinate the outreach effort; ready-to-eat canned goods; and hot food. A generator with fuel wouldn’t hurt… and everyone likes a cup of coffee.
He carries a big shiny knife. There are bullet holes in his jacket. We love this man!!
Bobby can be found at the corner of Cedar Grove Avenue and Seafoam Street, zip code 10306. He lives in the orange tent.


 Elizabeth Royte dusts herself off after volunteering at a community garden in Red Hook, cleaning up the wrath of Sandy, and offers a thoughtful, nuanced take on hyperlocal eating in time of crisis :When Disaster Strikes, Local Food Won’t Cut It

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Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012

1. Head to Coney Island (via everywhere)

If you’ve been to Coney Island and looked beyond Luna Park you’ve no doubt noticed that high rises dominate the landscape. Those building blocks are full of elderly and disabled residents who need your help. An Occupy Sandy volunteer is predicting a humanitarian crisis could consume the area, and frankly I don’t think he’s wrong.

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