November 16, 2012

1. Tell Bloomberg what’s what (via Occupy Sandy)

At Noon TODAY FRIDAY 11/16, in front of City Hall, nurses, doctors, EMTs, and other healthcare professionals will go to the mayor to demand more coordinated action to rebuild our city’s healthcare infrastructure and care for the thousands of people hurting after Hurricane Sandy.

  • WHEN: Friday, Nov. 16, Noon
  • WHERE: In front of City Hall, 260 Broadway, Manhattan, NY

Volunteers in the field urgently need supplies and greater help from the federal and city government. These life-saving volunteers have told us themselves that they can’t fill the place of a real community health network, and are asking us to help get clinics, pharmacies and hospitals re-opened. We’re taking a list of those medical needs to Mayor Bloomberg to ask for the City’s help.  

There is currently no Level One Trauma Center below 57th St. in Manhattan. The evacuation of Bellevue, NYU Langone, and Coney Island Hospitals has left some of our city’s most vulnerable patients forced to look elsewhere for care. Our city is short more than 2,000 hospital beds. We need our city and state officials to do everything in their power to re-open the hospitals as soon as possible.

Thousands of New Yorkers – in Staten Island, the Rockaways, Coney Island, and beyond – are still stuck in their homes with no heat, no electricity, and urgent (and unattended) medical needs. Many of these people will get worse the longer they go unattended. Children and seniors are especially in need. Access to medication and medical devices is severely limited. 

NYSNA is helping to coordinate this action with other frontline relief workers, includingPhysicians for a National Health Program, Occupy Sandy, the People’s Medical Relief, and many independent relief volunteers. 

This group met with representatives from FEMA on Wednesday night. FEMA told us they would like to help get more resources into the field - but they can’t do it without a formal request from the Mayor’s office. 

Dan Lutz and Desma Holcomb from our staff will be coordinating this action. If you have any questions, call Dan at 347.835.3429.  

2. Eat Roberta’s food. Drink Roberta’s beer. Win delicious dinner. (via Brokelyn)

"One of the companies that the Rockaways have been so good to is Roberta’s, who opened up surf shack Ripper’s with the Meat Hook last year. Now that the Rockaways look like something out of Katrina, Roberta’s is helping out the best way they know how: with pizza and beer.

"This Friday, Roberta’s is opening up their backyard garden to anyone whobuys a $30 ticket to come and eat pizza and drink beer from 7pm to 10pm. There’s a also a raffle, for $10 a ticket. You can even buy raffle tickets online, if you can’t make it out to Bushwick in person… the grand prize might be one of the most sought after in Brooklyn: dinner for two at Blanca. Given that at the moment, calling Blanca for a reservation just gets you a recording of Sweet Clyde laughing at you, ten dollars a ticket to win dinner there seems like a pretty good deal. Hell, considering dinner there costs $180 bucks at a minimum, if you bought ten raffle tickets and won, you’d still be coming out ahead.

Roberta’s Rockaway Relief Pizza Party, Friday November 16, 7pm, 261 Moore Street, Bushwick, $30

3. Clean up a park in the Rockaways (via the NYC Parks Department).

Shifts are 10am-1pm for Friday, November 16, 2012. Sign up here.

VOLUNTEERS MUST bring their own water and food to the Rockaway, Beach 30th clean-up.
Mary Whalen Playground in Rockaways at Beach 30th
4. Be entertained
* Katie Mullins, Bright Brown, Flying Pace, and Friend Roulette
Union Hall in Park Slope. 
Show begins at 8 and the line up is as follows: 
Mullins is a friend of sandysucks, a beautiful lady, and pretty generous, too. Any album sale money will go to Sandy relief. I’ll be heading there late from a fancy dress up party, so if you see a woman who looks like she just got back from, like, prom… that’s me!
Advanced tickets here.

* Dan Deacon, again. (via BrooklynVegan)

If you missed him at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, he’s playing the Bowery Ballroom tonight. Again, the Long Island native is giving proceeds from the show to Sandy relief… specifically the Red Cross and Occupy Sandy.

Buy tickets here.