We all know the legend of Lloyd Blankfein… the short, funny, smart son-of-a-postal worker from deep in Brooklyn who climbed his way to the top of Goldman Sachs, the most reviled powerful investment bank in the world. 

But what if our hero hadn’t put himself through Harvard? What if he hadn’t been a scrappy young gold salesman? (I know… gold salesman… of course). What if he’d followed in the footsteps of  everyone else in his family and not gone to college and hung out by the Linden projects and started Blankfein & Sons demolition and construction? What would that have looked like?

No need to wonder. Check out this picture of our favorite bald banker working with (the excellent) Team Rubicon to clear debris in the Rockaways. 

Lloyd has really gotten soft in his old age. Remember when he said this to Bethany McLean?: “We didn’t have the word ‘client’ or ‘customer’ at the old J. Aron. We had counterparties - and that’s because we didn’t know how to spell the word ‘adversary.’”

Sarcasm aside, if he’s mucking out someone’s house then all respect. 

Yes. More here. Goldman’s press release here.