The Brooklyn Recovery Fund To donate $10, text ‘brooklyn’ to 25383  

The Mayor’s Fund For any questions or to donate over the phone call 311 (212-NEW-YORK outside New York City)

The Sandy Recovery Wedding Registry. This is brilliant. Occupy Sandy and the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew are pillars in the grassroots movement. They have boots on the ground all over devastated areas and have a great sense of what people actually need. This is an amazing way to give and know that 100% of your donation went to the blanket that kept someone from freezing to death.

Gerritsen Beach fund Thanks to your outpouring of food and clothes and other goods, the people in this community now just need money to fund ongoing recovery. 

Red Hook Recovery Fund This is to help get small businesses back up and running, get people back to work, and make jobs happen. It’s like all the political rhetoric about the importance of small business, but with actual action.

The Corporation for National and Community Service. Great information on giving and volunteering at a national level.  

* Team Rubicon. A team of veterans who are repairing storm-ravaged communities in NYC and NJ. “It will be Fallujah, but with chainsaws and shovels instead of tanks and rifles.”