I was at my friend Audrey’s place in Red Hook, hauling her ruined stuff to the curb. And she said, ‘But I still have all this stuff that’s not ruined. I can’t believe I own so much stuff.” 

This stuff thing, all the stuff we own and the stuff we forget we own… Most everyone I know has a ton of stuff. Even after losing so much, Audrey was going through her stuff looking for things to donate.

Now seems like the perfect time to give possessions away to people who literally have no more stuff. And there has been a huge outpouring of donations. To help folks decide what to give, Brooklyn Based wrote a great piece called What to Give When Giving for a Disaster. (People have been so generous that most of the donation sites are no longer accepting clothing.) 

If you’d still like to donate stuff, that is great. You can use the Occupy Sandy Wedding registry as your guide (or order from the registry…) Really useful items include:

- Batteries (D and C)

- Flashlights with matching batteries

- Headlamps

- Warm blankets

Water Pumps

- Tampons/Pads

- Diapers and wipes

- Toothbrushes

- Power Strips

- Canned Food

-  Baby Food/Formula

- Milk powder or Parmalat

- Water

- Hot food if you can deliver and serve it (and utensils and paper plates/bowls)

- Hot beverages if you can deliver and serve them (and cups)

- Bleach (small bottles)

- Industrial cleaner

- Tissues/Toilet Paper

- Contractor Bags