If getting goods to drop off sites/doing physical labor is your thing:

This certainly means throwing yourself into some version of chaos, and it sometimes means being in situations with too many or too few volunteers. Lack of a firm plan… feast or famine… you know, like the rest of life. But it’s possible to get out and work!

Some drop off sites need help organizing donations, or making food. Areas in the the outer outer boroughs need help organizing donations. Other areas need people to clean up debris or go door-to-door with food and information. 

* Check out Occupy Sandy. We have a separate page just for them.

Check the following for intel — sometimes incomplete — on where to go, how to get rides, which towns need which stuff, and which areas need what kind of help.

Brooklyn Based’s list of Sandy Volunteer Ops and Donation Sites in Brooklyn. Check it often, and feel free to add any information you can. It’s an open spreadsheet that anyone can edit.  

Clean Up Sheepshead Bay

The Gowanus Studio’s list of donation and rideshare resources. This is a great resource and GSS has become a major donation hub.

Redhook-Rockaway Recovery  Lots of rideshare information.

The Council of Jewish Emigre Community Organizations has made a wonderful crowd-sourced spreadsheet with information that you need if you want to aid people who are trapped in high rise apartment buildings without food, water, power or heat. 

Information on specific communities:

The Lower East Side Recovers

Staten Island Recovers

Rockaway Recovers

Red Hook Initiative

Gerritsen Beach fund 

Coney Island’s FEMA office

Save forgotten Broad Channel