We’re a small group of people who decided to be part of the really big grassroots effort to keep people warm, fed, and dry in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. (For more on how we went ended up driving to the Rockaways, click here.) 

There are small groups like ours springing up everywhere, just bunches of people trying to get resources out to the coast line. If you’d like to talk about pooling resources and talent and time, email: sandysucks2012 [at] gmail [dot] com

If you want to know more about us specifically…

I’m a writer at Fortune Magazine (and my name is Katie Benner).

Sidra Durst and Peter Kim are working to open NYC’s Museum of Food and Drink.

Annaliese Griffin and Nicole Davis founded Brooklyn Based, which really is the best source of news about Brooklyn and an amazing Sandy resource. If you surfed at Rockaway Beach it might be because of parties they organized. 

Sue Potter is an editor at Dow Jones. 

Jeff Hutchison does landscaping all over the city. 

Steve Hargreaves is a writer at CNN/Money.

Jill Meisner works in public relations.

This blog was created to make it easy for people to help New Yorkers who were harmed by Hurricane Sandy. 

Thank you so much for using the site!

- Katie